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UB Toner - Breast, Upper Body & Arm Toner! - Designed by a Woman Specifically for Women

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Feeling a Difference Already!
"I have been using my UB toner for only 2 weeks and already feel a difference in my upper body, especially my shoulders.

Regards Adena
High River, Alberta, Canada

Simply Wonderful!
If I had to use two words to describe the UB Toner they would be "simply wonderful".

Mary-Ellen T.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

strut fit


Lise Amy

Thank you for visiting the UB Toner site!

It’s a great pleasure for me to share the story behind the creation of the UB Toner with you.

My personal story begins in Montreal. I was 22 and started using a device that worked similar to the UB Toner to tone my arms and muscles supporting my breasts and upper arms. I was very excited when I could see a real difference in just a few weeks.

Some 17 years later, I found myself travelling all over North America as a successful medical sales representative. During my travels I would faithfully pack my device and bring it along in my suitcase to exercise in my hotel room. It was the perfect way to stay toned, especially considering my hectic lifestyle.

Now rolling the clock forward I am 64 and still exercising…only now I do it with my own personally designed UB Toner. I’m really thrilled to be able to offer you the same great experience I’ve enjoyed all these years. I know the results will help you in improving yourself and your self-confidence.

I know you’ll enjoy the exercises and the great new body you’ll get when using the UB Toner. I guarantee it!!

Here’s to defying gravity forever,
Lise Amy



Golf Warm-Up:
The UB Toner exercises are focussing on the back, chest, arms and shoulders. That’s why it’s an excellent warm-up before your golf or tennis game.

Feel better all day: By warming up your upper body in the morning with the UB Toner, you’ll improve your flexibility & strength to better execute your daily routine.
Pectoral Muscles – Will naturally lift your breasts giving you a youthful looking figure.

Biceps & Triceps – Firm biceps & triceps make your arms look stronger & leaner. No more wiggly arms to be self-conscious about. Wear short sleeves and tank tops without fear of the “double wave”.

Latisimus Dorsai – The upper back area. Keeping this area fit insures that bra bumps and bulges are kept in check. The benefits are a smooth, sleek and fit looking back.

With the UB Toner you CAN strengthen your muscles in these areas simply by doing 4 – easy-to-do exercises. They are so simple you can do them when you watch your favorite program on TV! In fact they are so easy you won’t believe the results your body will reveal in a short time.

Results have been clinically proven to show that exercising with the UB Toner provides breast firming & lifting and toned upper arms. Muscle groups worked: Deltoids, Triceps, Biceps, Pectorals and Latisimus Dorsai.

It is a safe, economical and time saving way to keep fit!
  • No costly gym memberships
  • No scheduling time with a trainer
  • No commuting
  • No finding a baby-sitter
  • No feeling self-conscious in a “gym environment”

In fact you can use the UB Toner anytime you have a moment. The UB Toner is small and convenient to store when not using. It can fit under a sofa when not in use or in a closet. Keeping it nearby to use is a guaranteed way to see results. It is so portable that you can actually pack it in your suitcase to keep fit when you are on the road and travelling.

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